Water Mist Extinguishers


  • EN3 Kitemark approval by BSI in the UK and CE marked
  • Suited to class A, B Class, C, D (Non oxidizing), E & F Fires (K class in USA)
  • Leaves almost no residue when applied to fire due to evaporation.
  • Safe for the user due to mist barrier between fire and operator
  • Safe for use on electrical items upto 100kv. Certified to 35kv
  • Easy to Empty and refill onsite without mess or special filling machinery
  • Uses highly advanced technologies in the industry with multiple patents
  • No collateral damage after discharge
  • No contamination
  • Available in 3 & 6 Litre Stored Pressure



Water Mist is the ONLY extinguisher in the world of its type to be able to extinguish ALL classes of fire using only water and NO ADDITIVES. The extinguishing is due to huge cooling effect caused by mist. Mist, created from water has a droplet size of 50 microns which means 1 billion droplets are created from 1 Litre of water, implying a coverage of a total surface area of 200 square meters. While the tiny droplets suffocates the fire by converting to vapor (an inert gas), simultaneously the dilution of the free radicals also breaks the chemical chain.

  • 3 litre water mist, stored pressure – LWM3D
  • 6 litre water mist, stored pressure – LWM6D