Electric Solenoid


The Electric Solenoid valve is a normally closed valve that requires electrical energy to open. It is used to vent the pressure from the top of the piston in the cylinder valve, allowing the piston to slide upward and commence cylinder discharge. The electric solenoid valves are available in 24 VDC. The source of the electrical energy will determine the number and rating of the electric solenoid used. The solenoid circuit must be supervised for a break in the wiring, a ground or a short circuit.

The cylinder discharge valve that is equipped with a solenoid valve is to be connected to a control panel that is UL listed for releasing devices and compatible with LIFECO Fire Suppression equipment.

Connect solenoid pigtails to actuation circuit wires with wire nuts within a junction box or by means designated by the authority having jurisdiction. Whenever an Electric Solenoid is used as the sole means of actuation, a top plug must be used to seal the top of the cylinder valve.


  • 24 VDC, 11 watts – LF 50025-2
  • 24 VDC, 15 watts – LF 91225-2