Latching Solenoid


Latching Solenoid is used to open a Schrader valve on the top plug adaptor of the cylinder valve. The application provides a solution with a fast response and a high latching force to be used with the LIFECO Clean Agent Fire Suppression System.

It was determined that a latching solenoid with an optional local manual control head is the best solution for the application. The actuator is held in the latched position without power until a signal from the agent release control panel cuts off the permanent magnet. When release, the latching solenoid opens the cylinder valve allowing the extinguishing medium to discharge from the cylinder into the system. The fast response time allows the LIFECO 227™ from the system to be released in the event of a fire. The latching solenoid is designed with an emergency release local manual control head to manually force the pin to depress the cylinder valve to release the extinguishing medium when needed. In order to reset the system, the solenoid is to manually returned to the latched position



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