Intelligent UV Flame Detector – LF-UV-6135


  • Low Profile Design
  • Sensitive Ultraviolet Sensor
  • Equipped with CPU Central Processor
  • LED Indicator
  • Polarized Wiring
  • ALARM FIRST! – Less than 1 second
  • High Performance at Low Cost
  • Dust, Corrosion and Humidity Resistant
  • Twist Lock Base
  • Use LF-DP-6190 for device addressing


The LF-UV-6135 Intelligent UV Flame Detector has a wide angular sensitivity that can reliably and quickly detect the presence of a flame within its field of view by sensing the ultra violet radiation emitted.

The detector has been designed for internal use and is particularly suited for installations where flame can be expected to develop initially rather than smoke due to the nature of combustible materials such as film, video and computer tapes.