Pendent Sprinklers


  • Glass bulb
  • Standard Spray Pattern
  • K-factor 5.6
  • Quick & Standard Response
  • Available in 135 / 155 / 200 °F (57 / 68 / 93 °C) Temperature rating
  • 1⁄2″ NPT Thread Size



The 1/2 inch orifice LIFECO Standard and Quick Response Pendent Sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the frangible bulb type. They are “Standard and Quick response orifice spray Sprinklers” intended for use in fire Sprinkler systems designed in accordance with the Standard installation (NFPA 13). The pendent and upright sprinklers all produce a hemi-spherical water distribution pattern below the deflector. It is most stable against the change of atmospheric temperature and is well matched to accommodate any architecture.

  • Standard Response – LF220
  • Quick Response – LF221