Sounder Beacon – LF-SB-4228


  • Low current LED beacon
  • Simple ‘First Fix’ installation
  • Tone and volume can be pre-set or adjusted off-base – 20dB
  • Electronic sounder beacon certified to BS-EN54-3



The LF-SB-4228 Sounder Beacon is a high quality sounder and beacon combination that offers dependable audible and visual alarms at the lowest current available. It also comes with the Timesaver base, in which the connections are made to the base during the initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation. The sounder head ‘twists and clicks’ into the base on commissioning, avoiding the wiring and connection problems associated with traditional sounders. With a choice of 32 tones including all the major international standards, the LF-SB-4228 Sounder Beacon has universal acceptance.