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Lifeco is a highly
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Our reputation is built on product development and product engineering services that ensure compliance with international standards and major inspection organisations.

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Discover excellence with LIFECO’s cutting-edge fire and safety products. Engineered in our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility, our range showcases innovation, reliability, and adherence to the highest industry standards. From fire suppression systems to safety equipment, each product embodies our commitment to safeguarding lives and assets worldwide. Choose LIFECO for unparalleled protection.


From iconic landmarks to critical industrial installations, witness our expertise in action, ensuring the seamless implementation of cutting-edge fire protection systems. Explore our portfolio and discover how LIFECO sets new safety standards worldwide.
Emaar – Dubai Hills
Supplied Material: Fire Fighting systems
Serena Hotel
Fire Sprinkler, Fire Hose Reel, External Hydrant System with Fire Pump Set.
Doha Festival City
Supplied Material: Full Fire Fighting System
King Khalid International Airport
Supplied Material: Deluge System
Ikea Big Box (Festival Plaza)
Supplied Material: Fire Hydrant & Fire Valve
Sobha Hartland Sobha Waves
Supplied Material: Sprinkler System
Expo 2020 UAE
Supplied Material: Clean Agent HFC & Fire Pump
Carrefour, DHA Phase 7
Supplied Material: Fire Hydrant & Fire Pump
TBC Schools
Supplied Material: Fire Alarm
Qassim University
Supplied Material: Fire Sprinkler
Gulf Aviation Academy
Nadeen International School
Supplied Material: FF & PUMP
Salmania Hospital
Supplied Material: Fire Pump Sprinkler System
King Hamad American Mission hospital
Supplied Material: Fire Pump, Standpipe System & HFC Clean Agent
Shaukat Khanam Hospital
Supplied Material: FM-200 System
Supplied Material: FF - ALL
Zouk Power Plant
Supplied Material: Fire Alarm System
Ziska Pharmaceuticals
Supplied Material: Pump, Valves, Hydrants, Hoses
Cemento Melon
Supplied Material: Fire Pump
Summit Power Station LTD
Supplied Material: Fire Pump & Standpipe
Emaar – Dubai Hills
Supplied Material: Fire Fighting systems
Serena Hotel
Fire Sprinkler, Fire Hose Reel, External Hydrant System with Fire Pump Set.
Zarkon Heights Tower D
Supplied Material: Fire Hose Reels, External Hydrants, Sprinklers, Fire Pump Set.
Sobha Hartland Sobha Waves
Supplied Material: Sprinkler System

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Do you have a question about your subscription, a recent order, products, shipping or you want to suggest a new magazine? Here you can find some helpful answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How often should fire extinguishers be inspected?

Regular inspections are recommended at least annually, with more frequent checks for high-use environments. Follow local regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance.

What types of fire suppression systems are suitable for industrial settings?

Industrial settings often benefit from fixed systems like sprinklers, foam systems, or gas suppression. The choice depends on the specific nature of the industrial processes involved.

Proper training in the use of fire extinguishers and other equipment is crucial. LIFECO provides training programmes to ensure that personnel are proficient in handling emergency situations effectively.

Are there specific regulations for the installation of firefighting equipment in commercial buildings?

Yes, regulations vary, but generally, commercial buildings must comply with national and local fire safety codes. LIFECO experts can guide you through the regulatory requirements specific to your location.

How does LIFECO address environmental considerations in its fire protection solutions?

LIFECO is committed to environmentally responsible practices. Our fire suppression systems are designed to minimise environmental impact, and we adhere to international standards for eco-friendly solutions.

Can LIFECO customise fire protection solutions for unique industry requirements?

Absolutely. LIFECO’s expertise extends to tailoring solutions for specific industry needs. Contact our experts to discuss customised fire protection strategies that align with your unique requirements and challenges.

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