Clean Agent Suppression System
Water Mist System
High Pressure Water Mist System
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Manual Call Point (MCP50)
Standard Base
Conventional Combined Detector Fixed Temperature & Smoke​
Conventional Heat Detector Fixed Temperature
Conventional Heat Detector Rate of Rise Temperature
Conventional Smoke Detector Optical Type S​
Projected Beam Smoke Detector
Addressable Detectors Base
Addressable Sounder Base
Graphic Monitoring Software
Handheld Programmer
Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Intelligent Graphic Mimic Panel
LIFECO LE-SOM-R-DS Disable Switch
Conventional Fire Alarm Bell
Battery Operated Heat Detector
Battery Operated Smoke Detector
Stand-alone Gas Detector GLF-GDW
LED Remote Indicator
Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel Model
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fixed Temperature / Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector
Manual Disablement Switch
Status Indicators
Hawk Extinguishing Control Panel
Dual Relay Output Module
Dual Input Monitoring Module
Addressable Manual Pull Stations
Analog Sounder Base
Multi Criteria Sensor
Photoelectric Smoke Detector
Matrix Network Vision Annunciator
Analogue Addressable Control Panel
Emergency and Exist Light
Fire Valves
Listed Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant
Listed Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant
Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant
Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant
Strainer – Flanged Ends
Pressure Relief Valve
Basket Strainer – Flange
Strainer – Grooved Ends
Fire Hoses and Nozzles
Aluminum Pladtic Hose Nozzle
Adjustable Spray Hose Nozzle
Hose Rack & Hose Rack Assembly
Water Based System Switches and Pressure Gauge
Fire Extinguishers
CO2 Extinguisher
Foam Extinguisher
Foam Extinguisher
Powder Extinguisher
AFFF Foam Extinguishers
ABC Powder Extinguishers
Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
Wet Chemical Extinguishers
Water Mist Extinguishers
Foam System Equipment
Fixed Oscillation Water Foam Monitor
Motorised Water Foam Monitor
Manual Water Foam Monitor
Foam Concentrates
Foam Master
Fire Blanket
Fire Blankets
Safety & Rescue
Fire Fighter Gloves
Fire Fighter Boots
Fire Fighter Helments
Safety and Rescue Equipment
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