Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

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White Eagle Control Panel Series

The White Eagle conventional fire alarm panels provide 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, & 16 fixed zones. With up to 32 fire detectors and unlimited call points that can be connected to every fire zones. The White Eagle Panels are situated in a plastic box. The panels are easy for installation and maintenance and provides user-friendly daily operations. The panels are suitable for residential, small and middle office applications with protected area up to 2200m2.
Lifeco Fire Alarm Control Panel Eagle Series
Lifeco Extinguishant System Status Indicator

Conventional Extenguishant Releasing Series

LIFECO releasing panels offer outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed fire suppression systems. With initiation circuits as standard, release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from type activations such as would be required for detection in ceiling void, room and floor void applications.
Lifeco Stand-alone Gas Detector

Conventional Initiation Devices

Conventional initiation devices are basic components of fire alarm systems. They include devices like DETECTORS AND MANUAL CALL POINT. each connected to a common circuit or zone. When one of these devices is activated, the control panel can identify the general area or zone where the activation occurred.
Sounder with Beacon

Conventional Notification Devices

Conventional notification devices are basic components in fire alarm systems that create alerts during emergencies. They include loud audible alarms, like bells or sirens, and visual alarms, such as flashing lights. In a conventional system

LED Remote Indicator

The LFR-100 LED remote indicator is an attractive device used in installations where a detector going to alarm is likely to occur behind a locked door, inaccessible rooms, or in a ceiling void to provide indication of the activation of a fire detector.

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