Fire Hose Cabinet

Protect You home, your assets and your loved ones

Hose Rack Cabinet

LIFECO Fire Hose Rack Cabinet model LFR150 series are designed as single compartment door.

LF300 Hose cabinet

Single Door Fire hose cabinets are protective boxes crafted to store 1″ hose reels, valves, nozzles, and related firefighting gear in a tidy and easily accessible manner.

LF600 Hose cabinet

Double-compartment horizontal fire hose cabinets are specially designed protective boxes that house a 1″ hose reel and a fire extinguisher in separate compartments

LF900 Hose cabinet

LIFECO Rubber Hose Enclosure LF900 series are double door for manual and automatic type builds. LIECO

LF4000 & LF5000 Synthetic Hose Cabinet

Single-door fire hose cabinets are designed to accommodate 1.5″ or 2.5″ synthetic fire hoses along with related firefighting equipment such as nozzles and valves.

LF4200 & LF5200 Synthetic Hose Cabinet

LIFECO Synthetic Hose Enclosure LF-4200 and LF-5200 series are horizontal double door for synthetic hose reel.

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