Foam System Equipment

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Bladder Tank

The Bladder Tank Foam Proportioning System is available with vertical and horizontal bladder tanks.

Foam Concentrates

Foam concentrates are specialized substances used in firefighting to create firefighting foam.

Foam Master

LIFECO 150L Foam Master is ideal for rapid deployment of foam to flammable liquid fires and chemical spills.

Foam Trailer

A foam trailer is a mobile firefighting unit designed to transport and deploy firefighting foam in response to emergencies, particularly those involving flammable liquids

Manual Water Foam Trailer

Foam monitors are firefighting devices.
These monitors project firefighting foam over large areas, offering adjustable flow rates and the ability to move horizontally and vertically.

Motorised Water Foam Monitor

Foam monitors are firefighting devices.
These monitors project firefighting foam over large areas, offering adjustable flow rates and the ability to move horizontally and vertically.

Fixed Oscillation Water Foam Monitor

Foam monitors are firefighting devices.
These monitors project firefighting foam over large areas, offering adjustable flow rates and the ability to move horizontally and vertically.

Foam System 

At LIFECO, we’ve spent over 25 years mastering the art of fire safety, and a key part of our expertise lies in foam fire suppression systems. These systems are not just about extinguishing fires; they represent a blend of science, technology, and innovation tailored to provide the utmost protection.

From the bustling markets of the UK to the dynamic landscapes of the UAE, GCC regions, and the heat of Saudi Arabia, our products have proven their worth. Have you ever wondered how these systems work in different environments or what makes them so effective?

These questions are answered below, and we’ll provide you with info regarding our available products and the benefits of incorporating these into your fire management setup.

The Best Choice for Foam Fire Suppression Systems

The LIFECO 150L Foam Master stands out as a rapid-response solution in foam fire suppression, particularly adept at handling hazardous flammable liquid fires and chemical spills. This system is uniquely designed for easy, single-person operation, ensuring quick and efficient action in emergency situations.

It features a robust foam tank, available in both carbon and stainless steel options, to suit diverse environmental needs. Adding to its efficacy is a 2-inch adjustable foam eductor, allowing for precise foam proportioning. The system also includes a variety of foam branch pipe fire hoses, ensuring adaptability to different scenarios.

For larger-scale fire suppression needs, LIFECO offers the Bladder Tank Foam Proportioning System. This system is available in both vertical and horizontal tank configurations, catering to specific spatial requirements.

Constructed in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII, these tanks are designed for resilience, capable of handling pressures up to 18 Bar (263 psi). The versatility of the system is further enhanced by its customisability, offering various nozzles and additional options to meet specific firefighting needs.

These features collectively highlight LIFECO’s dedication to providing versatile, high-quality fire safety solutions that can be tailored to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Benefits of Choosing Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Foam fire suppression systems offer unparalleled advantages in fire safety. Firstly, they are highly effective against flammable liquid fires, creating a blanket that smothers flames and prevents re-ignition.

This makes them ideal for industrial and commercial settings. Secondly, they cause minimal damage to property compared to water-based systems, preserving assets and equipment. The systems are also versatile, suitable for various fire classes, and customisable to specific needs.

Furthermore, they are relatively easy to install and maintain, ensuring long-term reliability. Lastly, foam systems act quickly to control and extinguish fires, crucial in emergency situations where every second counts.

Why Purchase Foam Systems from LIFECO?

Choose LIFECO for your fire safety needs because we bring over 25 years of excellence to the table. Our products, designed by a highly skilled workforce, are not just reliable but also innovative, catering to a diverse range of requirements.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising quality, making us a highly acclaimed UK brand trusted globally. Our expansive client base, from the UK to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is a testament to our commitment and expertise.

FAQs Regarding Lifeco's Foam System

What range of products does LIFECO offer in fire foam systems?
At LIFECO, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of fire foam systems. Our product lineup includes various foam concentrates, proportioning systems, and discharge devices, ensuring a comprehensive solution for different fire risks. Whether you’re looking for high-expansion foam for large industrial areas or specific foam types for sensitive environments, we have the right product for you.
How do LIFECO's foam fire suppression systems stand out in the market?

Our foam fire suppression systems are a product of 25+ years of excellence. They are designed by a highly skilled workforce, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. What sets our systems apart is their versatility and compatibility with a wide range of fire risks, coupled with competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Can LIFECO's fire foam systems be customised for specific needs?
Absolutely! Understanding that every environment has unique fire protection needs, we offer customised solutions. Our team works closely with clients to assess their specific risks and requirements, ensuring the foam fire system provided is optimally designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
Are LIFECO's foam fire suppression systems environmentally friendly?
Environmental sustainability is a key consideration in our product development. We strive to ensure that our foam fire suppression systems are as eco-friendly as possible, with a focus on reducing environmental impact while maintaining high fire suppression effectiveness.
What kind of support and services does LIFECO provide for its foam fire suppression systems?

We offer comprehensive support and services for our foam fire suppression systems. This includes installation guidance, routine maintenance, and training sessions for your team to ensure proper usage and maintenance of the systems. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries or support needs.

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Alternatively, you can email us at for UK and Saudi Arabia inquiries, or at for the UAE. We also have a convenient contact form for any specific queries or requirements you might have. Let us help you find the perfect fire suppression solution tailored to your needs. Your safety is our priority.

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