Extinguishing System – Hawk Series

Protect You home, your assets and your loved ones

Hawk Extinguishing Control Panel

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment and with UL and FM approvals.

Abort Switch

The LIFECO Abort switch connects to the Abort terminals of the LIFECO Hawk releasing panel. Any number of Elite Abort switches may be connected to the circuit.

Manual Disablement Switch

Key removable in either position
Both sides of solenoid circuit are mechanically disabled during activation

Ancillary PCB

The LIFECO Ancillary Board is compatible with LIFECO HAWK Releasing control panel.

Status Indicators

LIFECO Status indicators provide detailed status information for LIFECO HAWK releasing control equipment.

Smoke Heat Detector

The LE-SOE-24 Series of detectors are reliable, high quality, UL 268 7th Edition listed Photoelectric Smoke Detectors allowing them to be used in all open areas where smoke detection is required.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The LE-SOC-24V photoelectric smoke detector utilizes two bicolored LEDs for indication of status.

Fixed Temp-Rate of Rise Heat Detector

The LE-DCD-135/-190 fixed temperature/rate-of-rise heat detectors are suited to detect in the presence of slow or fast rising temperatures due to burning combustibles.

Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

The LE-DFE 135/190 fixed temperature heat detector is suited to alarm in the presence of slowly rising temperatures.

Conventional Detector Bases

The LE-NS6 and LE-NS4 series bases are designed specifically for use with LIFECO’s conventional models

Action Manual Pull Station

LE-HPS-DAH dual action with Hex lock is constructed of a solid die cast housing and comes in glossy red.

Sounder with Beacon

A product designed for conventional fire alarm systems, it is an ideal solution for environments that require a discreet but affective device.

Conventional Sounder

The Fire alarm sounder is applicable for audible and visual indicator of events registered in Fire Alarm Systems and has been tested and validated to EN54-3.


With a low profile sleek design, the LIFECO Sounder is ideal for standard installations and where aesthetics are an important consideration.

Conventional Fire Alarm Bell

LIFECO Fire Alarm Bells are specially designed for fire alarm applications. 

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