Gas Detector

The GLF-GDW High Performance Gas Detector is stand-alone unit and is used to detect Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). GLF-GDW finds applications in residential areas, domestic gas safety, commercial kitchens, schools, colleges and many more. LIFECO’s GLF-GDW has its own internal alarm sounders and clear visual alarm LED’s.


-IP Rated seals fitted between the front and rear housing
-Can be surface mounted using external mounting feet
-Possible to first fit during building work
-Loud Audible Alarms & Clear Visual Alarms
-Sensor housing is sealed from the electronics housing blocking flammable gas
-Standard 2 Gang Fixing Allowing Flush Mounting Using Standard pattress During Building
-20mm Cable Entry Knockouts Centred to Allow Easy Drilling For Smaller Entry Holes
-All Models have a ‘link’ function. Once linked if one GLF-GDW into alarm then all linked units go into alarm
-Two relay change over contact, provision to control Solenoid Valve & FACP interfacing

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