UL/FM Approved Wet Barrel Hydrant

LIFECO recently added to its range the all new UL/FM Approved Wet Barrel Hydrant which is manufactured in accordance with AWWA C503 Standard. The LIFECO wet barrel hydrant is constructed using High Strength Ductile-Iron and Special corrosion resistant bronze nozzle. The LIFECO Wet Barrel Hydrant comes with (1) 4.5” Pumper Nozzle. And (2) 2.5” Hose Nozzles (NHT Thread) as standard and a flanged base to ANSI B16.1, Class 125. “Storz” nozzle connections available upon request. LIFECO UL/FM Wet Barrel Hydrants are coated with a special E-Coat primer and Polyurethane Enamel (Safety Red) Coating.

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