Supervised Output Module

Model No.: LE-DCP-SOM-R

Supervised Output Module

Program status
  • LED will flash red or green
  • Programmed device output is turned off, silenced, or programmed to active continuously

The Supervised Output Module (LE-DCP-SOM-R) is designed for Single-Interlock Pre-Action sprinkler systems. During an alarm condition, the LE-DCP-SOM-R output will operate which will trip a solenoid valve, allowing water to fill the sprinkler system piping. Water is not discharged until a sprinkler head operates due to heat from the fire. Pre-Action systems provide an added level of protection against inadvertent water discharge and are frequently employed in water sensitive locations such as archival vaults, fine art storage rooms, rare book libraries and computer centers

  • UL 864 9th Edition Listed
  • Flexible Pre-Action application
  • Quick response to emergency conditions
  • Operation parameters are maintained by the module, and individual communication with the control system during emergency conditions is not required
  • Contacts are rated 2.0 Amps @ 24VDC
  • Programming is highly flexible providing 16 priority states plus zoning capability


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