Dual Relay Output Module

Model No.: LE-DCP-R2ML/H-I

Dual Relay Output Module


The Dual Relay Modules (LE-DCP-R2ML/H Series) have been designed to provide flexible and quick response to emergency conditions. The LE-DCP-R2ML/H Series allows independent control of two form C contacts for a variety of normally open and normally closed contact applications such as fan operation, elevator recall, door closure, and auxiliary notification.

  • Provides two independently configurable Form C contacts per address
  • Contacts are rated as follow:
    • LE-DCP-R2ML: 2A @ 30 VDC / 0.5A @ 120 VAC
    • LE-DCP-R2MH: 8A @ 30VDC / 4.8A @ 250 VAC
  • Up to127 devices can be used on each SLC loop
  • Visible Bi-colored LED is software controlled and can be programmed to blink red or green when polled. The LED can be latched on when activated. (For All Models)
  • Yellow LED indicates a short circuit condition (LE-DCP-R2ML-I & LE-DCP-R2MH-I only)
  • Programming is highly flexible providing 16 priority states plus zoning capability
  • Operates on Class A or Class B SLC loop
  • UL 864 Listed


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