Audible and visual alarm indicator

Model No.: LF-AV-6127


  • Built-in CPU
  • Addressable Output Device
  • With a Gradual function, sudden shock can be avoided
  • Piezoelectric Horn
  • Automatic or Manual Activation
  • Data Transfer Speed and Reliability
  • High Performance at Low Cost
  • Wall Mount Type
  • Four Wire Operation
  • Use LF-DP-6190 for device addressing


The LF-AV-6127 Audible and visual alarm indicator adopts a built-in integrated circuit, a piezoelectric sounder and a flasher which when combined, produces a high energy conversion efficiency for effective output of light and sound while utilizing a minimum amount of power. It is also directly connected to the detection loop of the Fire Panel to effectively monitor the device for faults or control for alarm activation.