Addressable Sounder Strobe Base

Model: LF-X5302

Addressable Sounder Strobe Base


Addressable Sounder Strobe Base is an alarm warning device used to notify persons in the vicinity of the
occurrence fire emergency in order the person to take appropriate measures. The unit adopt multi-application device
starting from the types, parameters and wiring layout in single unit. The LF-X5302 Addressable Sounder Strobe Base is
powered by the communication bus. The LF-X5302 can change into different encoding modes such as Single-encoding
Mode, Dual-encoding Mode 1 and Dual-encoding Mode 2 using a programming tool. And it has different starting modes
such as started by a detector, a controller or other front-end linkage. In addition, the alarm tone can be configured
according to the requirement from 17 different tones.


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