Sounder Base – LE-SBC


  • Wide operating voltage.
  • Selectable Evacuation Codes: continuous or temporal.
  • Three different configurations: individual, group, and global modes.
  • High sound pressure level (85 dB at 10 ft.)
  • Can be configured to satisfy a wide variety of applications.
  • Available with or without relay, 2 and 4 wire configurations, and bone or white color.


The Models LE-SBC Conventional Sounder Base Series are designed specifically for use with LIFECO NS conventional style smoke detectors Models LE-SIJ-24 Ionization Smoke Detector, LE-SLR-24V Photoelectric Smoke Detector. The LE-SBC Series will provide an audible evacuation signal (continuous or temporal Code) upon detector alarm. Easily configured to 12 or 24-volt applications through use of a dipswitch, the bases can also be configured to activate in individual, group, or global modes. The relay base model LE-SBC-2R contains two sets of Form “C” Relay Contacts rated at 1 Amps @ 28VDC or 0.5 Amps @ 120VAC. All models come in 6” diameter size.

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