BC Powder Extinguishers


  • EN3 Kitemark approval by BSI in the UK and CE marked
  • Extremely high fire ratings offering maximum firefighting ability for size and weight
  • Revolutionary new CE aluminum valve design
  • Primarily designed for very high risk sites where B & C risk occurs
  • Specially designed nozzle for maximum discharge distance, accuracy and time
  • Available in 4, 6 & 9 Kgs


Specialist BC Powder is primarily a mix of potassium bicarbonate, urea complex and potassium chloride (is not sodium bicarbonate). The super strength BC powder is 2-3 times more effective on Class B and C fires than any other agent. It works by firstly applying a coating to the fire which causes a powder dust blanket over the fire and during the burning process it releases Carbon Dioxide which suffocates the fire.

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