Class A Supervised Output Module

Model No.: LE-DCP-SOM-A/AI

Class A Supervised Output Module


The Class A Supervised Output Modules (LE-DCP-SOM-A & LE-DCP-SOM-AI) have been designed to provide application flexibility and quick response to emergency conditions. Flexibility is provided by a wide range of operating modes, including supporting multi-zone operations, and/ or functions, up to 16 different modulation patterns and multi-state programming. The operating parameters for the LE-DCP-SOM-A & -AI are maintained by the module and do not require individual communication with the control system during emergency conditions to operate. The control panel simply broadcasts system conditions on the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) and the LE-DCP-SOM-A &-AI modules do the rest based upon the custom configuration. Each LE-DCP-SOM-A & -AI provides a single Class B or Class A circuit rated for 2.0 Amps @ 24VDC. Each LE-DCP-SOM-A &-AI also requires a 24 VDC power source in addition to the SLC.

  • Built-in SCI circuitry (LE-DCP-SOM-AI only)
  • Flexible application
  • Quick response to emergency conditions
  • Operation parameters are maintained by the module, and individual communication with the control system during emergency conditions is not required
  • Contacts are rated 2.0 Amps @ 24VDC
  • Programming is highly flexible providing 16priority states plus zoning capability
  • Programmed device output is turned off, silenced, or programmed to output the selected pattern
  • UL 864 Listed


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