Dry Alarm Check valve

Model No.: LF-DAV100 & LF-DAV150


  • To protect the supply water frozen in the winter season
  • VITON Rubber to clapper and water seats
  • No false due to air supply by compressor automatically if the small leak is detected in the dry pipe
  • It is designed to fit into tiny space for installation.


The LIFECO Dry Pipe Valve shall be a low-pressure dry pipe system capable of providing a water-to-air force differential. The dry pipe valve system shall be consist of a light weight, gray-casting iron construction with “drop-in” bronze seat, and clapper assembly utilizing priming chamber design. Clapper facing shall be pressure actuated, providing a limited compression seat for sealing between the clapper rubber facing and valve seat. When the air pressure is lowered sufficiently to destroy the pressure differential, the valve opens allowing the water enter the dry pipe system.

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