Fire Hose Reel


  • Easy to install
  • Simple and compact
  • Light to handle
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Hose available in red or black color
  • Choice of two sizes 25mm & 19mm


LIFECO hose reels have an extensive range of swinging & fixed type with manual & automatic operation to suit any architectural and installation requirements. Hose reel discs are made of 1.2mm pre-treated electrogalvanized steel sheet, painted with electrostatic powder coating and oven baked at 200°C. Hose reel side plates are protected with a polyester powder coating that complies to salt spray test requirement which is specified in ISO 9227 for 240hrs. Hose reel drum has formation of hydraulically pressed ribs to give extra strength and to avoid twisting. The outer edges are rolled over to give a safe handling edge on the outer rims and better appearance. Automatic fire hose reels are available with an internal valve built into the hose reel unit which opens within 3 revolutions of the hose reel as the hose is pulled out and closes when the hose is wound back to the reel.