Foam/Water Cabinets

Foam/Water Cabinets


LIFECO Foam/Water Cabinet Model LF9000 characterized for its high performance for attacking class A, B Fire within seconds. Designed for single man operation. Highly/ efficient in gas stations, Petrochemical Plants, Industrial premises, warehouse and in any areas requiring protection from class A or B fires.

Cabinets and door leaves are made of electro galvanized steel of thickness upto 2mm Powder coated with an electrostatically applied, thermally fused at 200°c for elegant finish and protection from rust Outer edges rolled over for safe handling and aesthetic appearance Cabinet Door handles are stainless steel with chrome plated handle. The outer edges of reel is rolled out to give a safe handling.

LIFECO cabinets are made from Galvanize steel with the sheet thickness of 1.0 to 2.0 mm or stainless steel with the sheet thickness of 1.0 to 2 mm & also available with Hairline & Mirror finish (304 & 316 Grade). The lock mechanism is either lock type, key type or turn handle.




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