Gas Extinguishing Panel

Model No: LF/EX


  • Rigid Steel Powder Coated Cabinet
  • Built-in Battery and Internal Charger
  • System Status Indication
  • Indicators for Charge Fault & Battery Fault
  • Monitored Alarm Circuits for Both Open and short Circuit
  • Manual Operating Switch on Front Fascia
  • 2 Monitored Detection on Zones
  • Monitored Gas Release
  • Knockouts on top and bottom sides for Easy Installation
  • Relay Contacts
  • Control Key Switch
  • Release Timer


The LF/EX Fire Alarm and Gas extinguishing Control Panel is manufactured based on advanced technology while maintaining high quality during assembly. It is of solid state circuitry and is designed and tested to meet the requirements of industrial or commercial applications. It provides operator interactive control of the fire alarm and gas extinguishing system. Push buttons are provided on the front fascia for manual/automatic modes of extinguisher operation, first stage alarm, silence and reset.

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