Gmax Custom Fire Pumps

Gmax Custom Fire Pumps

  • Capacity: 50 GPM to 3500 GPM
  • Working Pressures: 72.5 to 335 PSI
  • Speed (rpm): 3500 & 3600│2900 & 3000
  • Frequency Rated: 60│50 cycle

LIFECO G-Max Custom Engineered Fire Pumps are preassembled Packages with Complete Skid Mounted Unit that includes Horizontal End Suction/Split case Pumps that coupled with LIFECO HITEC motor driver & LIFECO MEGA FORCE engine driver that assembled with Jockey pumps & full discharge line control Gate valves & Check Valves along with flexible joints, Pressure Switches & Pressure Gauge fitted on Supported Header, where all pre-piped, wired, & fabricated in Common Compact Skid and Fully Automatic Operated through the Control Panel.



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