Jockey pumps


  • Aluminum Motor Casing
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Tungsten Carbide/Graphite Mechanical seal
  • IP55 Protection


The LIFECO GMAX® Vertical Multistage Pumps are a multipurpose pump suitable for a variety of different applications demanding reliable and cost efficient supply. It can be used for thin, non-explosive liquids, not containing solid particles. Handles various liquids from portable water to industrial liquids within a very wide temperature, flow and pressure scales.

The motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled, 2-pole with principal dimensions in accordance with the EN standards. The Electrical tolerances are according to EN 60034. Single phase motors have a built in thermal overload switch. Three phase motors from 3 kW and upwards have a built-in thermostat (PTC) according to DIN 44082.

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