Weatherproof Manual Pull Station – LE- HPS-SAH-WP


  • Weatherproof Manual Pull Station
  • 10 A, 120 VAC contacts
  • Rugged die-cast aluminium housing and back box
  • Neoprene sealing gasket
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • KEY reset
  • Lift and Latching pull-down lever
  • Enclosed switch with glass rod (Included)
  • Screw terminal connections


The LIFECO LE-HPS-SAH-WP Weatherproof Manual Pull Station is a UL Listed fire alarm initiating device suitable for applications requiring outdoor mounting of the manual fire alarm pull station. The LE-HPS-SAH-WP is appropriate for applications where the manual pull station may be subject to wet conditions. The LE-HPS-SAH-WP consists of a die-cast aluminium back box (LE-HPS-BB), Neoprene sealing gasket and a special manual fire alarm box. The unit is a high quality pull station constructed entirely of nontoxic materials with a low profile and rounded edges to fit most design requirements. All components are pre-painted, or have plated surfaces to inhibit corrosion.

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