LIFECO 227ea


Heptaflouroprane is liquefied compressed Colourless, Odourless, Electrically non-conductive gas, works to quench fires in seconds & hold damage to a max. Suppresses Fire primarily by physically cooling flame through removing heat energy, & interrupting the combustion reaction to an extent that cannot sustain itself. Waterless Fire Suppressant Does not Leave residues, Particulate.

    •  LIFECO 227ea is an Engineered Computer Design to protect Specific Hazards.
    • With LIFECO 227 Clean agent system you assured fast, efficient, environmentally safe fire Extinguishment.
    • Active on fire with complete Extinguishment capability designed to fully discharge with in seconds.
    • Three dimensional suppression, & with effective penetration to knock down fires in hidden spaces.
    • Zero Ozone depletion Potential.
    • Superior to Water & Dry chemicals.
    • Suitable for class A, B, C fires.