Analogue Addressable Control Panel

Analogue Addressable Control Panel


The new Matrix product range fire alarm control equipment combines the very latest hardware & software to produce a control indication system, which is powerful & sophisticated, also simple to use and understand.

The 7” touch screen provides a clear, uncluttered and intuitive interface so the end user requires minimal training. Available in 4 slot and 8 slot variants, each slot supporting a 2 loop detection card, the Matrix fire control panel ranges from 2 to 16 detection loops. Network up to 127 panels, making it ideally to all buildings whether for a small system or large complex.

  • 2 to 8 loop or 2 to 16 loop versions
  • 127 addressable points per SLC loop
  • Single or Double Aperture (includes zone LED module & Printer)
  • Modular and expandable electronics
  • 4 programmable NACs; Class B or 2 Class A
  • 7 inch, full-color resistive touch screen with intuitive userinterface
  • Power supply options (5.25A or 10.25A)
  • Programmable (3) Inputs & (5) Relay Outputs
  • Can be networked with programmable functionality
  • Coincedence OR and AND operators in cause and effect
  • Programming via USB or PC


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