Battery Operated Smoke Detector

Model No.: LF-SD41

Battery Operated Smoke Detector


Photoelectric technology is generally steadier than ionization technology at detecting large particles, which tend to be produced in greater quantity by smouldering fires that may smoulder for hours before bursting into flame. Sources of these fires include cigarettes. The unit monitors the air, and when smoke reaches its sensing chamber, it alarms. It can give you more time to escape before fire spreads. This unit can only give an early warning of developing fires. It should be installed in the place where smoke can reach, and all residents can hear the sound. This unit can not detect gas, heat, or flame. It cannot prevent or put out fires.

  • Photoelectric technology is more sensitive at detecting large particles fires
  • Perfect mounting system allows for easy installation & positioning
  • Dust cover included to keep the alarm clean during construction
  • 9V Back-up battery Included
  • Single Button Test/Silence
  • Smart technology designed to help reduce unwanted ornuisance alarm
  • Easy installation/maintenance


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