Supervised Output Module

Model No.: LF-SOM-6108


  • Low Profile Design
  • Built-in CPU
  • Fast and Accurate Response Time
  • Data Transfer Speed and Reliability
  • Polarized Wiring
  • LED Status Indicators
  • High Performance at Low Cost
  • Four Wire System
  • Use LF-DP-6190 for device addressing


The LF-SOM-6108 Supervised Output Module are ideal for connecting conventional sounders to the analogue system, and provide savings in the total installation cost. They are ideal for activating any device which requires 24V external power supply. The Supervised Output Module can be operated either by manual operation using switch inputs, or by automatic control using the Fire Panel logic functions. It also adopts pre-emptive alarm technology which organizes the data received from the detection loop. The information with the highest priority would transfer first. Other  collected data shall be transmitted to the controller based on their priority status which ensures the rapid response of the system. Fire Alarm can be received in less than 1 second.

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