System Integration

LIFECO has vast engineering expertise with many years’ experience in providing fire protection to a diverse range of facilities. These include Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Commercial Developments, Airport Hangers, Hospitals, Schools, Government buildings, to name but a few. We can provide engineering solutions and system integration for any Fire Risk.

LIFECO have selected experienced fire protection engineers and project managers to provide assistance from the design and procurement phase right through to installation and commissioning.

With over a decade of experience in fire protection engineering design, LIFECO is a highly acclaimed UK brand in the fire protection industry for product development and product engineering services spectrum, with a reputation in innovation, quality and end-to-end product ownership.

LIFECO’s service offerings are aligned towards developing innovative products at cost effective prices within the shortest time to market. With our wealth of expertise in engineering domains, we are in a strong position to offer fire protection engineering design solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality and manufacturability.

LIFECO’s management and employees have a clear mission to ensure superiority and distinction in products and services, and thus guarantee customer satisfaction

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