Fire Department Connection


  • The brass seat is integrated with brass body
  • 2.5” swivels are pin lug design for easy operation
  • Compatible with local fire service requirements
  • Breakable plastic plug to prevent debris from being accidently introduced into the water way.


LIFECO FM Approved and UL listed Fire Department Connections are designed and manufactured in accordance with UL 405 – Standard for Fire Department Connections. We have two models, one is a straight type model LF-FDCG and a 90° type model LF-FDCI which casted from solid brass alloy to extend its service life.


The Fire Department Connection is provided with standard taper pipe threads which conforms to ANSI B2.1 and pin lug hose thread swivels for coupling hoses.

Prior to installation, Apply pipe joint compound or PTFE tape on male threads, then, tighten it one full turn after tightening with hand, and make sure Connections are aligned accordance to the requirement.

  • Straightway type – LF-FDCG
  • 90 Degree – LF-FDCI