Who We Are

LIFECO’s story begins in the United Kingdom. Throughout the years we’ve grown globally and built a reputation for quality, value and integrity that has established LIFECO as one of today’s global leaders in the Fire and Safety Industry. LIFECO’s manufacturing facility is among the most technologically advanced infrastructure to innovatively improve products and processes, making sure that we are operating an efficient network while ensuring compliance with rigorous quality, safety and environmental standards.

LIFECO aims to thrive and build a stronger and more agile company. We push the boundaries of what is possible to create and develop new technologies. This helps us provide a holistic approach to our customers, enabling them to establish the right fire protection system that can combat their fire risks effectively and innovatively. We assure efficiency, maintenance strategies and procedures aimed at minimising downtime while keeping safety, environmental and production impact issues at the forefront of all activity.


Historical highlights across Lichfield Fire & Safety Equipment from more than a decade of expertise and experience



What we do

Being in the industry for over two decades, LIFECO has always put up its experience in working on projects globally with its strategic alliances and distributors. Capitalising on this experience, LIFECO has been able to provide a variety of services that enable effective implementation of fire protection systems for its customers across various industry domains:

Design Engineering

Design engineering services are a vital part of LIFECO's core business. LIFECO can provide the most cost effective solution for your fire systems to ensure compliance with international design.

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Fire Protection System Maintenance Consultancy

LIFECO’s maintenance consultancy service helps companies plan and implement maintenance management systems to meet the needs of the organizations.

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System Integration and Project Management

LIFECO has vast engineering expertise with many years’ experience in providing fire protection to a diverse range of facilities.

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Manufacturing and Supply

Global manufacturing and supply is at the heart of our commitment to help people do more, feel better and live longer.

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Our Core Value

LIFECO embodies its core values as a guide to strengthen
and practice common principles of operation globally


Ensuring honesty and fairness in all business activities.


Working as a team empowers each individual's strength to ensure the company’s objectives are achieved


The customer is the core of the company’s business that is why we are committed to provide a high quality service


Inspired to protect and safeguard the community in the present and the future one action at a time.


Always striving for improvement of product and services.


By using ISO 9001 QMS we adhere to stringent inspection of our products, systems and supply chains


Treat everyone with respect and appreciate the differences in ethnicity, gender age, sexual orientation, education and religion


We continue to refine and evolve to meet the environmental standard


LIFECO's management and employees have a clear mission to ensure superiority and distinction in products and services, and thus guarantee customer satisfaction


To serve the demand of our customers with high quality products and services with ethical responsibility & commitment to professionalism.