Clean Agent Suppression System


Heptaflouroprane is liquefied compressed Colourless, Odourless, Electrically non-conductive gas, works to quench fires in seconds & hold damage to a max.

Clean Agent Suppression System: Effective Fire Protection Solutions

Clean agent suppression systems represent a cutting-edge solution in fire safety, swiftly extinguishing fires with minimal impact on the environment and no residue. We at LIFECO are a renowned name in the fire safety industry and stand at the forefront of delivering these advanced systems.

Our clean agent suppression systems are meticulously designed to offer rapid, efficient, and environmentally friendly fire extinguishment, making them an ideal choice for protecting sensitive and valuable assets. Read on to learn more about our clean agent suppression system solutions.

Lifeco's Clean Agent Suppression System

In the realm of fire safety, a clean agent suppression system stands out as an advanced solution, providing efficient fire extinguishment while ensuring minimal damage to property and the environment. At LIFECO, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier clean agent suppression systems, exemplified by our LIFECO 227ea system, which is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern fire safety requirements.

A clean agent suppression system is a fire protection method that employs environmentally friendly, gaseous fire suppressants. These agents rapidly extinguish fires by physically cooling the flames and interrupting the combustion process. The key advantage of such systems lies in their ability to suppress fires without leaving behind harmful residues or particulates, making them ideal for protecting sensitive equipment and valuable assets. Furthermore, these systems are electrically non-conductive, making them safe for use in areas with electronic and electrical equipment.

The LIFECO 227ea system utilises Heptafluoropropane, a colourless, odourless, and liquefied compressed gas. This agent is known for its high efficiency in quenching fires within seconds, and it holds the potential to minimise damage to the maximum extent. The system operates by rapidly cooling the flames and breaking the fire’s combustion cycle, ensuring a swift and effective extinguishing process. It is a waterless fire suppressant, an important feature in settings where water or dry chemical-based extinguishers could cause collateral damage or leave unwanted residues.

Our LIFECO 227ea system is a computer-engineered solution tailored to protect specific hazards. This bespoke approach ensures that the system is finely tuned to the unique requirements of the environment it protects, be it a data centre, a historical archive, or a medical facility. The system is designed to discharge fully within a matter of seconds, providing rapid and comprehensive fire suppression. Its three-dimensional suppression capability allows for effective penetration and knockdown of fires, even in hidden spaces that are typically hard to reach.

An aspect of the LIFECO 227ea system that we are particularly proud of is its environmental safety. The system has zero ozone depletion potential, aligning with our commitment to offering environmentally responsible fire suppression solutions. This aspect is critical in today’s context, where ecological impact is a major consideration in safety systems.

Moreover, our clean agent system is superior to traditional water and dry chemical-based systems, particularly in its suitability for various classes of fires, including Class A, B, and C. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications where quick response and minimal post-fire clean-up are crucial.

Our LIFECO 227ea clean agent suppression system is a hallmark of innovation in fire safety. It embodies our commitment to providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and versatile fire suppression solutions, making us a trusted partner in protecting lives, assets, and the environment.

Why Choose LIFECO for a Clean Agent Suppression System?

Selecting LIFECO for your clean agent suppression system needs translates to choosing a partner with unparalleled expertise and a proven track record in fire safety. Our extensive experience in the industry equips us with the insight and knowledge necessary to provide the most effective, innovative solutions. We prioritise minimal environmental impact without compromising on fire safety efficacy, aligning with modern ecological standards.

Our systems are tailored to a variety of settings, providing versatile solutions that are adaptable to your specific requirements. Furthermore, our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our continuous innovation and the provision of user-friendly, low-maintenance systems. With LIFECO, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your fire safety needs are in the hands of seasoned experts.

Where We Operate

LIFECO has established a strong presence in the fire safety industry with a global reach that spans across various continents. Our primary operations are rooted in the United Kingdom, where we began our journey in fire safety excellence. Additionally, we have significantly expanded our operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regions, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Our international reach demonstrates our dedication to bringing quality fire safety products and services to markets worldwide.

FAQs Regarding Lifeco's Clean Agent Suppression System

Why Do I Need a Clean Agent Suppression System?

A clean agent suppression system is essential for effectively extinguishing fires quickly while minimising damage to sensitive equipment and environments. These systems, like LIFECO’s, use environmentally friendly agents that leave no residue, making them ideal for areas with electronic or valuable assets, ensuring safety without the aftermath of traditional extinguishing methods.

Do Clean Agent Suppression Systems Need to be Tested?

Yes, clean agent suppression systems, like all fire protection systems, require regular testing to ensure they are functioning correctly and remain reliable in emergencies. This testing ensures the system’s components, such as sensors and discharge mechanisms, are in optimal condition and ready to perform effectively when needed.

What’s the Difference Between a Clean Agent Suppression System and a Fire Extinguisher?
A clean agent suppression system is a fixed installation that quickly extinguishes fires using environmentally friendly, residue-free gases, ideal for sensitive environments. In contrast, a fire extinguisher is a portable device manually operated to combat small fires, often leaving residue and limited to specific fire types.

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