Heat Detector (ROR) – LE-DSC-EA


  • The LE-DSC features a slim design which combines visual appeal with a high standard of reliability.
  • The design of the LE-DSC enables the detector to operate in locations where the temperature is likely to increase suddenly should a fire develop.
  • The operating characteristics of LE-DSC is a key feature of the product enabling a very cost effective solution for the use of heat detectors. This detector consumes no current in standby, which enables an unlimited number of detectors to be connected on the same detection wires.
  • With connection to the standard LIFECO range of conventional bases, the LE-DSC heat detector can be connected or disconnected very easily, allowing simple interchangeability with other members of the LIFECO conventional detectors.


The LE-DSC rate of rise heat detectors are composed of an air chamber, vent and a flexible metal diaphragm. When the LE-DSC is heated, the air in the chamber expands. The vent permits the chamber to breathe and slowly release the expanded air. If a fire occurs, the air in the chamber will expand more rapidly than it can be vented. This causes the diagram to close a set of precious metal contacts (normally open) to trigger the alarm signal.