Analog Sounder Base

Model No.: LE-ASB


  • Programmable evacuation codes – Continuous, March, ANSI Temporal patterns
  • Base learns the sensor address and assumes an upper range address (128-254)
  • Up to 127 sensors and 127 ASBs can be used on one SLC loop
  • Can be alarmed or reset by zone or by individual address
  • LE-ASB SLC loop wire resistance = 50 ohms Max. (Total SLC wire run length)
  • High sound pressure level (85dB SPL at 10 feet)


The LE-ASB Analog Sounder Base is designed for use with LIFECO analog sensors LE-ALN-V, LE-ATJ-EA, and LE-ACC-V. Each addressable base is to be connected to a LIFECO Eagle DCP Signalling Line Circuit (SLC). The LE-ASB provides an audible alarm in the immediate vicinity. Typical applications are hotels, apartments, and hospitals.