K-Factor 8 Pendent & Upright Sprinkler


  • Glass bulb
  • Standard Spray Pattern
  • K-factor 8
  • Quick & Standard Response
  • Available in 135 / 155 / 200 °F (57 / 68 / 93 °C) Temperature rating
  • 3⁄4″ NPT Thread Size



The LIFECO Standard and Quick response sprinklers are thermo sensitive glass bulbsprinklers available in different finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements. These sprinklers are sidewall standard spray pattern to meet approval agencies requirement. Especially, the Nickel-Chrome plated sprinklers are decorative and attractive, so it is well matched to customer interior decoration. In addition, Nickel-Chrome plating might be utilized to extend the life of copper alloy sprinkler, although it has passed the standard corrosion test.

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